This is one of Madeline’s new pieces that I am so pleased to have in the gallery. I like everything about it. The form, the square opening, the incising, the carving, the coloration, and the theme. It all works so well together. This bowl is hand coiled, and then traditionally fired outside. Madeline calls it “For the bees and the colorful flowers” Her explanation is that “It is in honor of the job the bees do for the human and animal population! Without them, we would not have the plant for our foods. The flowers are a reddish color, and I used a heat torch and touched the center of the flower to return the color back to the original red.” As she is always learning and evolving as an artist, she adds “It’s fun to try new techniques. It allows my brain to “go crazy” with creation.” And she is right! This is a beauty!

3 1/8″ by 3 ¼