Over the years we have had more black polished pieces from Madeline, but I think her redware is fantastic. When I saw this new jar, I practically begged her for it. I find the work so unique and so well carved and polished. Madeline’s’ carvings are remarkably deep and clean. Fired outdoors, this hand coiled bowl is polished to a shiny gloss But what really struck me was the creative story she is telling with the carvings. She explained, “This is a rain sash representing the belt used for Dances. They are swaying in the wind. So, this is actually a prayer for rain.” There is such a nice balance between the polished and matte areas. And there is, like when the wind blows, real movement to the flow of the design work. It is truly a lovely new bowl.

3 ¼” high by 3 ¼” wide

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