This is a special red carved and polished seed bowl that we requested. Madeline’s’ carvings are deep and clean. Fired outdoors, this hand coiled bowl is polished to a shiny gloss. The placement of the dragonflies and the stair stepped work as well as the carved circles is terrific. All three dragonflies are polished and set against the matte background. Madeline explains. “The dragonfly is said to be the messenger from loved ones who are gone. Over the summer I found this to be true. I was out in my little garden and I was thinking of my uncle. I was wondering if he would approve of my planting style. Right after that a dragonfly appeared! I have not ever seen one at my house, but here it was. I knew it was him!” This is a wonderful, personal seed bowl.

3 5/8 high ” by 3 3/4″ wide

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