New! Different! Unique! All descriptive terms I can use about this fantastic, large new jar. Linda and I are referring to it as a “pineapple jar” The entire middle section of the jar is carved to look like the shell of a pineapple. Each cross hatched triangular carved shape has a carved dot in it. The top of the jar has THIRTY TWO carved feathers – all so symmetrical. That pattern is repeated on the bottom quadrant of the piece – with another THIRTY TWO feathers. There is an amazing balance Linda has achieved by such precise and careful carving. This is a glorious new jar. Linda also made a micaceous lid that can be used, or not. She has polished the very rim of the jar so it can be seen lidded or not. That is up to the individual collector. The polishing on this jar is exceptional. It is gleaming. We are so happy to show this magnificent new creation by Linda.

8 ½” high by 8 ½” without the lid
11” high with the lid