This is a large, fantastic bowl by Les, made in 2003. Using traditional methods and materials, and firing outdoors, this is such a marvelous example of his classic – Hopi/Zuni ware. On this piece, he is putting a modernist, personalized point of view to his traditional motifs. Emphasizing form and design, this is wonderfully appealing. Even his asymmetric opening adds to the contemporary feel. The pointillist works, in various color combinations, reveal his skills as a fabulous painter. Whether it is on a painter’s canvas, or his hand coiled clay – his work is always an outstanding creation. The main central band of moving black paintings looks like an interpretation of Pueblo designs and symbols. The round circular images are beautifully placed and spaced on the top section of the jar. There is a golden/orange hue to the finished fired work. This is exceptional and would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection.

8” high by 10 ½” wide

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