Working closely with Karen is one of my great pleasures. Her work is always so classic, traditional, and beautiful. This is a new, small, hand coiled and traditionally fired cylinder shaped vase. Using all natural pigments and slips, so much thought went into the designing of this vase. Karen explained “I received a photo of my grandmother’s pot that had a similar shape. That’s where I took off a lot of those designs. It was exciting to me because I could feel the happiness in using her designs that I’ve never used before. You know that Frog Woman, my grandma, Sadie Adams, and Beth Sakeva’s mothers were all sisters, and we all stem from the roots of one family. One day Joy Navasie told me that I was welcome to use those designs, and that is such an honor to be able to use those designs. This pot is really pretty, you can turn it on all the sides, and there is something new in front of you.”

There is a wonderful warm hue to this piece, as it was fired so well outdoors. Karen has painted a beautiful geometric pattern around the opening of the vase. It adds movement to the work. The bird imagery, along with all the other polychrome paintings are classic and stunning.

3” high by 5” wide

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