Karen is a fire fighter, and was so crazy busy all last year, that she hardly had any time to make her amazing pottery. We talked about this bowl one year ago…and she finally had the time to coil, create, paint, and traditionally fire this beauty. It was so worth the wait as it is truly magnificent. Just look at the marvelous parrot imagery – They are so superbly designed. The polychrome checkerboard squares around the lip are a beautiful contrast to the bird imagery. Look at the detailed designs inside the wings. Added dragonflies adorn the pot. The golden fire clouds Karen achieved in her traditional firing adds such warmth and beauty to the bowl. As always, the bottom of the jar shows Karen’s shards and dragonflies. That is her trademark signature.

When I talked to Karen about the painted drawings on this bowl – she said, “Birds…I visualize them in different colors. It is about my people and who we are as parrot clan. We are colorful and love life. Every flight emits different colors, hence the different designs in the wings.” She explained that she loves to think out of the box, using what seems simple, turn into something that catches the eye. Karen certainly made that happen on this gorgeous bowl.

3” high by 6” wide

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