This is a first! We have a grandmother / grandson collaboration with Bernice and Johnathan Naranjo for their first time working together. “My grandmother and I were sitting together, talking about everything in our lives, working and preparing for an art show. When we both noticed that we had never done a collaboration together. I was holding a blank piece of pottery in my hand and said, “here grandma, design something on this one, anything and I’ll add to it.” It was very spontaneous, and she chose a theme with frogs. I’m very glad she did, I found it fun to design something that I have never made before. So, I designed my frog to be as detailed and real as I could just to add contrast with her abstract design”

Their piece is terrific. Shape, form, incising, themes etc. Hand coiled, traditionally fired and all natural pigments.

5 1/2″ high by 3 ” wide

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