Johnathan hand coils each piece he creates. Then using natural slips and pigments, incises and paints intricate designs. He traditionally fires his work outdoors. Johnathan has been paying close attention to his shape building and also his polishing skills. There are people who have been collecting his work with no design on them at all, as his polishing work is so beautiful.

This new, tall bottle shape lends it way so well for the incised images he has chosen. On both sides he has etched gorgeous, realistic Eastern Jays. Every detail of the birds is exact. They appear on the bottle amongst trees and branches and flowers. The incising is soft, subtle, and muted. The polishing is amazing, as the bottle sparkles. It is a wonderful experience working so closely with Jonathan. He is a delightful young man, always striving to grow as an artist.

8 ¾” high by 5” wide

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