We have been waiting for this new piece for several months. It was so well worth the wait. Johnathan has hand coiled and traditionally fired this amazing triangular shaped seed jar.The incising he executed on this piece is extraordinary. I asked Johnathan to describe what he was thinking when he created this “story” in clay. This is his poignant response:

“Beauty of Pueblo Pottery”
I have been experimenting with unique and challenging ways to create art. The triangle shape is not typically seen in Pueblo pottery. It was a personal challenge of mine to make a shape like this that present a unique blend of modern and traditional looks.

From afar the first thing you notice about this piece is the pyramid shape. Some of the most fascinating uses of the shape are the Pyramid wonders in Egypt, which have been around for centuries and continue to awe people. Pyramids are by far not a modern idea, but what makes the shape contemporary for Pueblo pottery is that the pyramid architecture and design is not from Santa Clara Pueblo and borrows from cultural designs of faraway places.

The materials are all traditional. The clay used to create the piece is from the land in the Southwest. The tools are like those used by my ancestors. The process of firing outside and polishing with a stone are the same techniques used by my grandparents’ parents.

I enjoy blending ideas together through art and design. What is possible when experimenting with new ideas with the old? That is the question I ask myself every time I create something like this.

Although the shape is what is first noticed the images are important depictions of our traditional pottery. I started with the panel of a woman hand coiling with clay. The second panel shows a traditional firing using manure. In the third and fourth panels you can see how pottery was originally used, to carry and transport water and goods to and from our Pueblo homes.

The beauty of Pueblo pottery is its ability to withstand the test of time. For me it is both traditional and contemporary and can be shaped to capture so many inspirations.”

Johnathan caries his imagery all the way to the bottom angles of the pyramid. That makes the incised views extraordinary. The triangle appears to have a 3D effect when he shows all these angles. It is utterly amazing.

4 3/4″ high by 5″ wide

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