All of Johnathan’s pottery is hand coiled, fired outdoors, and slipped with natural pigments. He has been working on some new shapes and forms. This brown vase, with an asymmetric circular opening is wonderful. The deep brown coloration is derived from the firing, when he removes the clay piece from the manure earlier than if it was going to turn black. Depending on how deep he cuts into the clay the varying shades of tans are created. Four grand buffalo are depicted all around the top half of the vase. It is so well incised; you can almost feel their fur bodies. The outlining Johnathan does enhance the animals being portrayed. An incised band of spirals separates the buffalo from the plain polished bottom. I like how the form comes to a narrow base, and that is repeated in the opening. Beautiful polishing on this piece. Simply beautiful in every way.

5” high by 4 ½” wide