Johnathan’s imagery continues to be of such high quality. As he states, “I'm an artist who likes to display the essence and beauty of Pueblo Native life in the Southwest. My pottery is a traditional Santa Clara Pueblo trade created by using techniques and materials passed down from generations of family before me. My artwork gleams with shine, decorated with a red colored design on a surface that looks warm with black and brown. I use a sharp blade to carve at the surface of my pottery to create a window to a world only seen by those in the Southwest.”

This new piece beautifully depicts flying geese. Jonathan explains, “The Migrating Geese are a signature piece I like to make around this time of the year. Because the temperature is dropping, and the leaves are changing I thought I would make a piece about Migration. Swirling clouds in the background along with a circle design of feathers.” It is a wonderful piece – with the birds in flight.

4” high by 3 ½” wide

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