We have been waiting for this new piece from Johnathan for a very long time. It is so worth the wait when the finished pot is complete. I just learned that this shape, which is a 3 dimensional triangle is called a polyhedron. It is hand coiled, polished, incised and fired outside. Johnathan is quite a storyteller, and his beautiful designs are fascinating to see.

You can hear him narrating his ideas, as you turn the piece around to view each panel. The last design he did for us on this shape was women in the Pueblo. We discussed doing one now with men. Johnathan is depicting male Pueblo Dancers. And he explained to me: “But as you turn it around you can see the age progression. Although not the same person, just thought it was a nice touch to show.” He is so right. This new creation with the extraordinary incising is breathtaking.

5” high by 3 ½” wide

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