This new jar by Johnathan Naranjo is hand coiled, stone polished, traditionally fired outdoors, fully polished, and incised. The coloration Johnathan achieves is from the firing, as he it is takes it out of the manure, early so that instead of turning black, it remains a darker brown. His intricate incising comes to life against this deep brown highly polished surface.

This jar features a beautiful, traditional Butterfly Dancer. She is wearing her traditional clothing and is surrounded by gorgeous butterflies and flowers. The Butterfly Dance is asking for rain, and health for all living things, thanking the beautiful butterfly for pollinating plant life. The realism Johnathan achieves is outstanding,

This jar is particularly well polished – The design work is on the top three quarters of the jar, and a plain polished band is on the bottom. Beautifully constructed and executed!

7″ high by 5 1/2″ wide

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