Joe R. Calabaza and his wife Valerie F. Calabaza are American Indian artists from Kewa Pueblo, also known as, Santo Domingo Pueblo. Joe was born and raised in Kewa Pueblo by his parents, Joseph F. and Mary Ann Calabaza. As a young child, he was taught the skills and craftsmanship of Jewelry making. His great grandfather, Patricio Calabaza, played a major role in teaching him the skilled techniques, as well as his parents. I was so lucky to have worked with Joe’s parents, (Joseph and Mary) for over twenty years. I was introduced to them by Russell Sanchez (San Ildefonso), because he used their incredible super fine heishi to decorate and imbed into his pottery. Sadly, they have passed away, but now we are honored to work their son, Joe R. and their daughter-in-law, Valerie F. They are doing some incredible work. Carrying on his parents’ tradition of excellence, but making their work their own, they are certainly artists to know about.

They have made a group of mosaic inlay earrings for us called “Lion’s paw” Each pair is different, using different stones, and incredibly unique and interesting color combinations and design patterns. The back of each pair is flat; it is on the underside of the Lion’s Paw Scallop shell. They are similar to a half moon shape after they are done shaping them. All of these earrings are wonderfully comfortable to wear. We are thrilled to add them to our gallery and hope to work with them for years to come.

This pair is made of Kingman turquoise, Red Abalone shell with a hammered textured sterling silver oval ear posts.

2 ¼” long at the top of the silver disc