This is a very first! Grandmother and granddaughter collaboration. Kaa was born in 1991. Polly Rose Folwell is Kaa’s mother, and Susan Folwell is her aunt. She learned to make pottery from her mother and grandmother. Kaa’s work often depicts some graffiti imagery. On this new jar, Jody did the coiling to make the form, and Kaa did all the incising. It is a marvelous shared piece of work. The angles in Jody’s shape lend itself so well to Kaa’s design work. Here is Kaa’s explanation:

“This piece is part of a series exploring juxtaposition between ephemeral graffiti and Santa Clara Pueblo pottery. Pottery itself has been a hallmark of human existence for eons through various civilizations; the pots outlive their makers. Graffiti is on the other spectrum of longevity; it’s considered a newer art form and graffiti pieces often have a short life span.

The imagery is a graffiti design spelling out KAA on all four sides. I chose to tag my name on the pot as the design just as graffiti artist use their street names as their central subject.”

There is a striking balance between the deep polished brown tone of the overall jar and the scratched off surface of the tan underneath clay. I am honored and thrilled to have their first piece together.

8 ¼’ high by 6” wide

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