Working with Jennifer has been one of my greatest pleasures. She is so willing to talk about the piece she is creating, and we bounce ideas back and forth to each other about shape, form, and designs. This is one of those creations when you say to yourself – “Just how does she do this?” I am particularly attracted to some of Jennifer’s work when there is a great balance between the precise and detailed incising imagery, and also some plain polished background space. She did exactly that, and the colorful imagery just pops!

Four mountain lions grace the main area of the bowl. Polished to a high sheen, these lions can be seen in such amazing detail. Each one is in a different pose and a different setting. Trees, mountains, waters, they each reside on the piece just where they would in nature. The choice of colors is realistic and gorgeous. On the bottom quadrant of the bowl, Jennifer has incised an avanyu (water serpent) that flows around the entire surface area. When you lift the bowl, it is surprisingly light weight. Jenn has worked so hard on her actual coiling/building skills, and this bowl is an outstanding example of that work. It is magnificent in every way,

3” high by 6 ¼” wide