Waiting for artists to complete certain pieces always involves a show of patience. What Jennifer has achieved on this seed pot is amazing, and so worth the wait. I had asked her to create a “bear scene”, and the result is incredible. The squared off shape works beautifully for this particular imagery. Hand coiled, slipped with natural pigments, highly polished, and fired outdoors- everything about it is marvelous. The top of the jar shows three different medallions, each with a different bear pose and setting. One even has its dinner, some trout – in its mouth. Another shows an open mouth sharp edged tooth look, and the third has a full straight on pose with a turned head. You can also see the red slipped bear claws on the top. There are many colorful incised fish randomly placed on the bottom. You can only imagine the time involved in depicting all these images. This is an absolutely wonderful creation. Magnificent in every way.

1 3/4″ high by 4 1/8″ wide

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