This new seed bowl is hand coiled and traditionally fired outside. It is polished black, and Jennifer has incised realistic and precise horned lizards. People tend to misname things. We say “horny toad” when we are talking about lizards. There are various kinds of horned lizards in the Southwest. Jennifer depicts a Texas horned lizard, a regal, and a desert lizard. The Texas, which is quite fierce looking is found in New Mexico. Regal horned lizards are named for the crownlike horns covering the back of their heads. They are found in Arizona. The Desert horned lizards are medium-sized lizards. They have a distinctive flat body with one row of fringe scales down the sides and they are found in Nevada. Each one has their own qualities, and we can see the details on this delightful seed pot.

1 5/8″ high by 2″ wide