Jayne Quam Six Directional Fetish on a shell

Wow! This piece is so unique and creative. This is an amazing creation from Jayne. This incredible six animal directional set fetish was carved from various stones by fetish carver Jayne Quam. She was married into the extended Quandelacy-Westika-Quam family and has been carving, along with her husband, Lynn Quam, for nearly 40 years. This treasure represents all six of the Zuni directional guardian animals: mountain lion, Guardian of the North, bear, Guardian of the west, badger, Guardian of the South, wolf, Guardian of the East, eagle, Guardian of the Skies, and mole, Guardian of the Underground. The animals are all traditional in terms of their colors and carving style. They are thoughtfully and purposely arranged on a large, beautiful shell which is smooth and gleamingly polished. Each Guardian animal is attached to the outside rim of the shell with the eagle sitting atop everyone else. Such a wonderful variety of colors on the animals. It is wonderful to see such a traditional piece have such an innovative design. Each individual animal has an arrowhead bundle.

This beautiful and unique directional set measures 3 3/4″ long, 2″ tall and 3 1/4″ wide. The fetish is signed by Jayne on the bottom. It is a stunning new directional set!