This new clay creation is Jamie’s continued work in this series of coiled and sculpted Nautilus creations. This time he has gone quite a bit larger, and it is simply wonderful. It is so sculptural. So unique and beautiful in all its detail. This is how Jamie describes the work: “Having learned the corrugated coil technique from uncle Rich I wanted to try a new direction. While retaining the traditional materials and techniques I have tried to get out of the round just a bit. I am inspired by design in nature and the patterns in shells. I like to explore with clay the architecture that works for life to thrive. This includes tracing roots and making structures that cultivate these ways.” It is wonderful when someone like Jamie, has learned so much from his uncle, Richard Zane Smith but then moves out in his own direction with new techniques and designs. The shell sits so well on this wonderful sycamore stand Jamie made.

7” high by 9” wide

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