This new jar made from native Oklahoma clay is wonderful. It is such an original and unique piece, hand coiled and stamped by Jamie Zane Smith (Wyandot).The piece is “stamped” with a wooden stamp that he carved from Walnut wood. The stamp that he used is carved but the clay itself is stamped. Each jar that Jamie creates has a story behind it. This is how Jamie describes this:

“This is titled Message in the Material.
This piece was inspired by a mound builder pottery remnant. Even though there is just a small chunk of the original pot left there is still important information within. It alludes to a thriving wood-carving tradition combined with fine pottery. I repeat this visual message from the material across the surface of my Wyandot pot to amplify and give homage to indigenous Woodland carving traditions.”

I particularly like the red interior that is carried through right onto the lip of the opening. When you look across at the jar, you see that lovely contrast. The jar is amazingly lightweight. I told him that I cannot understand how he got it to be so thin. It feels like a feather! He has made a special stand for the piece, also out of clay. It can sit in either direction, so the jar will fit into it. Jamie’s signature is stamped on the bottom of the jar. Even that looks cool! It is such a pleasure working with young, creative artists, who still honor their heritage.

12” high by 7”

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