This is a remarkable new clay creation from Jamie Zane Smith. Each new work that he creates has so much meaning to it. Jamie is so thoughtful, and his work reflects his inner soul. Hand coiled, carved, and stamped, this is his explanation.

“INNER SPIRAL – Native Oklahoma Clay and Slip
The ideas and intentions behind this piece refer to the origins of imagery and the roots of culture. The relationship between the wood and the clay represents the intelligence of trees and the shared consciousness between humans and plants. The stamped bark texture references the exterior view of normal sight. The interior coiled section is a vision of fractal forms that make up shared patterns that create the context for life-spirit to animate matter.

The Clay comes from a special site in Oklahoma. My family taught me to dig the clay in a respectful way giving thanks with prayers and offerings. The clay slips come from multiple sites and some have ceramic pigments added. The clay is kiln fired. The stand is made from sycamore root that has grown in a circle. I found the piece in the creek by my house after a flood had washed it up on the bank. I shaped, sanded and stained the wood to fit the ceramic bowl.

The reason for creating the artwork is to continue the tradition of Wyandot pottery. The practice connects me to my ancestors. I am thankful to you for supporting me in my vision. My dedication is to continue to create contemporary artwork with traditional materials. My deepest gratitude–Tižamęh!!”

8 ½” high by 12 ½” wide ( 20” with stand)

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