Jamie is an incredibly thoughtful and interesting person. His work is so unique and reveals so much about his culture and background. His explanation about each individual piece is so helpful in terms of understanding his thoughts and ideas.

This new jar is hand coiled and slipped with multicolored pigments. The color combinations are wonderful. He has also made a special clay stand to sit underneath the jar.

Here is Jamie’s discussion of the jar, which has titled POWER OF PLACE – “The hand-carved wood stamp texture that repeats across the surface represents the source of inspiration. The image in the design represents the place where two creeks come together. This is the place where images arise. This point is located on an artery that connects us to the water world. These converge as one stream that becomes a series of rivers that connect in a network that span the globe. The Tri-Castellated rim represents both waterways that meet at the “spout.” This is a contemporary rendition of traditional Wyandot collared rim. It harks to our ancestry and points to where we abide today. Every spring and every tributary is important. It is the reason why we are here. This small seemingly insignificant position is elevated as a connection to the source of being.”

Beautiful either on or off the stand, it is stunning. Distinctive and individual, this is a terrific new hand coiled clay creation from Jamie Zane Smith.

15h” by 11” wide with stand

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