Ida and I talked about designs and shapes that we haven’t had for a long time. So, we decided on two “stories to tell.” This open bowl is one of them. Hand coiled, fired outside, and painted with all natural slips and pigments, it turned out to be a personal history of Ida’s life on the Reservation. She is calling it a “storyteller bowl.” As you move around the outside of the bowl, Ida’s own history is detailed. Starting with living in a hogan, with all the animals around. Horses, sheep, cows, all the various animals that she lived with. It shows the “shack” where they did all the outdoor cooking. Then as you move the bowl around, you can see more of her current life. She has gone from a hogan to house, and they have a “storage facility” next to the house. The trucks are parked under the trees with the cloud formations above, and the birds flying overhead.

This is Ida’s look into her own lifeline.
Inside the bowl is a Spiritual being – overlooking and protecting her life.
You can see the eyes, the mouth, and the sacred corn plant as the nose. Such a beautiful depiction of her Navajo life, in painted imagery on the clay canvas. So personal and unique and special!

4” high by 7 ¾” wide

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