Ida and I talked about designs and shapes that we haven’t had for a long time. So, we decided on two “stories to tell.” This open bowl is one of them. Hand coiled, fired outside, and painted with all natural slips and pigments, it turned out to be quite wonderful.

The outside of the bowl is where Ida has painted the Wedding basket design. She has added stippled painting that adds to its artistic appearance. The inside is marvelous. Ida has painted the “Talking God’ design. The classic colors for this are black, white, red, and turquoise. But since Ida doesn’t use turquoise as a color, she has replaced that with an earthy burgundy tone. These are the Four directions of the Navajo nation. The feather represents an actual healing ceremony. Inside the face, you can see the eyes, mouth, and the sacred corn stalk as the nose. On the rim, is the break in the red border to incorporate a spirit line. Everything about this piece is personal and spiritual. It is a marvelous handmade clay bowl.

2 ½” high by 5 ½” wide

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