Ida Sahmie has been making pottery since the early 1980s and is most recognized for painting her pottery with the Navajo Nightway Chant figures. In this Navajo healing ceremony, there is a ceremonial dance on the last of nine nights; it is called the Yei-be-Chai. In this dance, six male and six female dancers are led by “Talking God,” the chief god, and followed by “Water Sprinkler,” the trickster and rain god. This is the motif portrayed on this jar. Ida is married to Hopi wood carver, Andy Sahmie. Because of her husband, she uses Hopi clay; so, her work is what you might call a mixture of Hopi and Navajo. This is a beautiful shaped jar, with such a complete story she is telling. This beautiful jar was made in 1999.

6 ½” high by 7 ½” wide