$2,200.00 $1,870.00

Harrison has used a buffalo with heartline design, on one quadrant; and a bear with heartline on the one quadrant, and then repeated the design. The bear design is used by most of the Rio Grande Pueblo potters and is supposed to represent virility and strength. The buffalo is used by the Rio Grande people as a reference to the Plains Indians who came to the Rio Grande pueblos to trade. The heartline, borrowed from the Zunis, represent health, long life and good luck. This is a fine example of Harrison’s break with tradition in design, and his innovative use of matte and polished surfaces. He uses traditional methods of polishing, carving, and firing. One notable characteristic of Harrison’s pottery is the bold, deep carvings, but his pots are comparatively light in weight. This is because the depths of the carvings produce a very thin wall, hence the lightness. To get this light weight, he says he sometimes carves right through the wall, and when this happens, the pot is returned to the clay bin and he starts over. Harrison is a regular winner of awards at shows such as the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Museum Show. This piece as made in 2008.

7 1/2″ high by 7 1/2″ diameter