This new jar by Harrison is beautifully shaped. Tall and straight, the deeply carved elements fit so well. Like all his work, it is hand coiled and traditionally fired outdoors. This piece features butterflies, four directions, spirals, sunshine stars, and bears. I love how the two bears are set on top of each other, each one facing the opposite direction with heartlines, divided by stair stepped mountain matte background. The butterflies are also carved in a vertical band. The polishing on this is magnificent, and the balance between the polished elements and matte finishing is outstanding. The lip and opening are highly polished and that is balanced with the same polishing on the bottom of the jar. It’s a great piece! Harrison’s daughter, Jamie M Begay has recently been working on pottery with him. She has helped with the design elements and some of the other work.

7″ high by 4 1/2″ wide

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