This new vase is hand coiled and traditionally fired outdoors, We have never had this imagery before, and I think this carving is fantastic. On the front of the vase Harrison has cleanly and deeply carved a timber wolf with a heartline. Harrison told me that he thinks they are “Amazing animals. There is a mystique about them, and I think they are beautiful and powerful.”

I have always heard that the timber wolf was considered to be a medicine animal. They were considered this because of their ability to track their prey, as well as being able to go for a long time without food. They were considered to be a powerful creature, as the wolf leader lived for the purpose of making the rest of his pack strong. You can see those qualities in this new piece.

As you turn the vase around, he has completely carved and polished many geometric designs. Harrison feels so strongly about the “polishing skill” and has been working diligently and his pieces reflect that workmanship. This is a marvelous piece of art.

5 3/4” high by 5 ¾” wide