This new bowl is hand coiled and traditionally fired outdoors. This is a first for Harrison. He has deeply carved a raven on the front of the bowl. The raven is so special in the Native culture. He is thought to be a protector spirit and a sacred being in the Ghost Dance. Many think of him as a creature of metamorphosis and symbolizes change/transformation. When I discussed the raven with him, Harrison explained that he really likes the raven because he thinks of it as a very intelligent bird.

Harrison has beautifully made the opening of this piece square. The top of the bowl and its lip are highly polished, so it acts as a lovely border behind the raven and the three other panels. The three other sides are fully carved with various geometric designs, stars, four directions, spirals, and stairsteps. Harrison feels so strongly about the “polishing skill” and has been working diligently and his pieces reflect that workmanship. The formation of this entire bowl is marvelous.

5” high by 5” wide