An active potter since 1980, Gloria Mahle was taught much of her pottery skills from Rainy Naha, and Fawn Navasie. In this hand coiled open bowl, made in 2009, she has selected a series of rock art drawings that she has collected over the years. A favorite Sunday afternoon jaunt is to get in trucks or jeeps and go look for prehistoric rock art panels. For Gloria, she always took along her sketch book. In the Southwest, there are several rock art panels showing marching or dancing figures. Gloria has drawn her interpretation of the dancing figures around the rim of this bowl. Inside the bowl, she has drawn figures from her sketch book, including hand prints, birds, dragon flies, grasshoppers and other symbols that she has collected off cliff walls. It is wonderful wide bowl, with delightful drawings inside and out.

4″ high by 12 3/4″ diameter

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