This new buff colored vase by Glendora is very sweet. Size, shape, form, painting, incising, and design work is all so attractive. Hand coiled, and painted with all natural pigments and slip, Glendora has shaped this vase into a special turtle motif. Three detailed turtles are on the front of the jar. Each one in a different position, and each one with separate and unique polychrome patterns on their shells, and heads. Lines, dots, spirals, zig zags, star like images – are all shown with excellent spacing between them. The other side of the vase is incised and painted with dotted shapes. And at the very bottom of that side is another polychrome turtle. Glendora coiled the jar to have an asymmetric triangular opening – painted black for a dramatic look with her added red dots, keeping that dotted theme throughout the entire piece. It is really lovely. This is an intricate and complex jar with a striking combination of designs, both painted and incised. The jar is signed on the bottom with a corn stalk, Glendora’s hallmark.

4 ¾” high by 2 ¾” wide

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