This new jar by Glendora is hand coiled, painted and carved with exquisite, detailed incising. I was particularly attracted to the shape of jar, as well as the combination of designs – fish AND turtles, flowers, spirals, and underwater bubbles. They are all highlighted with additional clay slips that are painted onto the piece before it is fired. The deep red slipped jar is such a terrific background for the polychrome tones of her incised elements. The lip of the piece is curved and asymmetric, slipped black with painted red circles and tan dots. A beautiful border used to set off the etched designs below. Glendora’s depiction of these animals and fish with her sgraffito is superb. The jar is signed on the bottom with a corn stalk, Glendora’s hallmark.

4 ¾” high by 3 ½” wide

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