Since this is our first piece from Frank, I asked him to describe his techniques and design elements. This is what he said, “I use our Acoma clay, ground shards for temper, and I still coil in the traditional way. I paint with only natural pigment paints (Hematite paint rocks) Sand stone yellows. I have three different colors all mixed together to make the different colors. I stone polish my pottery with slip and a stone. I paint with a yucca brush. I fire in the kiln.”
As to the meaning of this pot – “the pot itself represents Mother Earth. At the top you will see the three lines. Those are lightening along with the two black bars that are clouds. The checkerboard pattern are the three stars representing Orion. The dark shard areas are the storm clouds. The orange will always represent the sun. In the area with the fine line, is the falling rain and the four lines going the other directions are the lightning again. At the bottom, you will see the orange with an eye like pattern that is the thunderbird’s eye. And in the pot, you will see the orange inside meaning the sun rises and at the bottom you will see the orange again – as the sun sets in the evening.” It is a wonderful first pot for us to exhibit.

7 ¼” high by 9” wide

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