Fawn Navasie-Garcia, “formerly Little Fawn”, was born in 1959 into the Hopi Reservation. She was inspired to continue the family tradition of making pottery by her late Mother, the famous “Eunice (original Fawn) Navasie.” who signed her name as “Fawn,” giving this name to her daughter. Her aunt is Joy “Frog Woman” Navasie. Her sister is Dawn Navasie. Fawn has been making pottery since 1979.

This wide, low jar traces its style to the Sikyatki revival. Fawn's basic design is the representation of a bird repeated in each quadrant. Over the bird symbol, she has pictured a semi-circle of Sikyatki shards. This is a wonderful wide shaped traditional jar. This beautiful jar was made in 1996.
7″ high by 15″ diameter

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