We think that Farrell and Rey are some the finest mosaic jewelers working today. In mosaic inlay, each stone is cut and set by hand to sit flush against each other without gaps. This can be done on another material such as a shell (creating a traditional dance shell) or within a sterling silver border. Jewelers epoxy is used to secure each stone in place and occasional a filler can be used if there is a small gap between stones. The highest quality inlay work does not require filler. Once the stones are set, they are ground down to ensure one continuous smooth surface and polished by hand. Farrell and Rey’s earrings are gorgeous and remarkably affordable for the time and materials involved.

These are stunning round dangles. They used natural sleeping beauty turquoise on a pipestone base. The varying shade of turquoise in these round earrings are so visually interesting.

1” in diameter
1 ¾” long with silver wires