When I saw this new piece by Erik, I admired it immediately and wanted to add it to our inventory. It shows so many components that Erik does so well. Beautifully coiled to a wonderful shallow bowl shape, and then using both the red on black painted work on the outside and polychrome work in the inside makes it so visually attractive. The inside of the bowl shows Erik’s Thunderbird imagery. The outside has the classic avanyu design. The scalloped lip adds extra beauty. Erik’s description is informative and fascinating:

“This was a fun piece to do. It is the first time that I have done a Thunderbird design on a piece of pottery. The Thunderbird represents strength and courage along with thunder and lightning. In his wings are arrowhead designs that represent the thunder and lightning as well as the lightning bolt coming out of his beak. It is said that when the Thunderbird flaps his wings that the thunder will rumble and when he opens his beak that lightning bolts shoot out. There are also other symbols that represent clouds as that is his home, in the clouds. He is a very powerful deity not only in the Pueblo world but throughout Native America from time immemorial.”

4” high by 9” wide

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