This is a beautiful new red/black plate. There is a terrific story behind this piece. Several weeks ago, I had a DREAM. In it, I was discussing with Erik about old San Ildefonso pottery designs, and I dreamt he made me a plate with a bird in the center, and prayer feathers around the border. I told him that I had the plate completely visualized. So – here we are many weeks later- and what do I receive? MY DREAM PLATE! Erik has described for me his painting. “It is a fancy design, a mythological bird with rain and cloud symbols depicted within the body, a prayer for rain. Rain clouds and prayer feathers from the four directions as part of the border design. Between the clouds are feather designs depicting the sun shining through the break in the clouds. Birds and clouds are more like female elements, so to balance them out the feather designs and the water serpent on the back is a representative of male designs. So overall, I would consider this to be a prayer for the summer monsoons manifested on clay.”

10” across

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