Each piece of pottery that Erik creates is hand coiled, slipped and painted with natural pigments, and then traditionally fired outdoors. In his early 20’s, his mother taught him about the traditional styles and designs of San Ildefonso pottery. He now creates all different types. Erik has been working with different materials and techniques to reproduce the traditional stone polished black on red ware of old San Ildefonso Pueblo pottery. We enjoy having black on black work, polychrome work, and here is an example of his new black on red round bowl.
This bowl features the Avanyu, which is a water serpent that the Pueblo people consider to be the guardian of water. Depicted as a horned serpent with lightning emerging from its mouth, the creature’s body typically looks like a rippling stream, and the lightning coming from its mouth signifies thunderstorms that bring rain. He has added dragonflies to this bowl, in a most attractive way.

4 34” high by 5 ½” wide