I have so enjoyed working directly with Dusty over the years. She was one of the first potters I showcased in my Open House demonstrations. Dusty chose to continue hand coiling the sienna/brown firing style, which is a color in-between that of the traditional Santa Clara black and red. This brown firing is the style the “Naranjo Family” is well known for making. It is a contemporary style started in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. She gathers her natural pigments from within the hills of the Santa Clara Pueblo and uses traditional methods while making her creative clay work. She incises animals, geometric designs, and symbols on her pottery to add a bit of contemporary flare to her traditional pottery. She continues to grow and challenge herself in her work.

This new jar is so inventive. Her original designs are stunningly incised on this hand coiled, slipped and traditionally fired brown piece. When we talked about it together, we both loved the idea of the trout in the water being “visited” by a wonderful frog. This one is actually a Kokanee salmon, also known as the Kokanee trout. The one trout coming up behind the frog is beautifully incised from the top of the pot, wrapping its tail down to the bottom. It’s very difficult to etch such images on the rounded curved form of this piece, but Dusty did it remarkably well. The frog is quite distinctive. It almost looks like he is smiling! Etched dragonflies are also placed around the other design work. The bottom of the jar is completely polished and it’s entire surface is etched with tiny squiggly lines – an underwater look.
The jar raises up to an asymmetric three toned opening. Partially carved and partially matte finished, it lends itself to the contemporary nature of the piece. This is really great work by Dusty.

5 ½” high by 7” wide