This hand coiled classic shape is referred to as a tall neck jar by Dora Tse-Pe. Dora’s mother in law, Rose Gonzales taught her many of her pottery skills. Learning those carving skills, enabled Dora to carry on that tradition. This jar combines both polished areas along with matte slips. Mica is also used, giving it a gleaming look. The rim and shoulder are both slipped with mica. The curved band above the serpent is polished deep red. The central focus of this jar is on a carved avanyu with a gorgeous turquoise stone as the eye. More turquoise, in the form of Heishi is set into a black band below the opening. When Dora was still making pottery, she was known for her fantastic polishing skills. This jar shows off exactly that. The piece was made in the early 2000s. It is in outstanding condition.

5 ½” high by 4” wide

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