It is always wonderful to have work by our friend, Dora Tse Pe return to the gallery. Dora claims “My first experience with my mother’s clay was when I was about six years old. She taught me the sacredness of clay. All have spiritual significance. I treat my clay with much respect.” She explained that every step of making pottery is done only after prayer and thanksgiving for our gifts of clay, water, fire, and artistic talents.

This is one of our favorite forms created by Dora. It is a black and sienna round jar. The lid is adorned with a black bear finial and the entire lid is stone polished and black. The bear is set with a solitary turquoise stone. Dora’s polishing has always been exceptional, and this piece shows that skill. Made in the early 2000’s, it is in outstanding condition.

6” high by 4 “wide

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