This new dish is exquisite. Not completely flat like a plate, it has been formed to have some height, so it becomes an actual shallow dish. Dolores hand coiled, carved, painted, and incised with natural pigments and slips. She then fired it outdoors, using the traditional manner. It always amazes me to see what precision and detail work is executed by Dolores. It is truly remarkable work. Dolores explains. “With the season changing, this piece represents the end of summer. The avanyu and cloud above is surrounded on the rim by geometric motifs. Soon the flowers and butterflies will be gone for a while.” Look at the painted butterflies – so dainty and precious. In the center of the dish, she has designed and polished an off centered square image. Notice the extra painted work on the edges. And when you turn the dish over, there is more fantastic work – carved alternating tan and orange feathers – One is stair stepped. This is such a “complete” piece. Dolores remains one of our finest miniaturists!

5/8″ high by 3 9/16″ wide

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