Dolores continues to excel in all areas of her pottery creations. This is a hand coiled, incised, polychrome slipped miniature jar. The lid is a sculpted highly polished bear figure. Dolores describes her work on this piece: “The avanyu, parrots and evergreen tree, butterflies, cloud, and swirl representing wind with rain motifs are incised around the pot. They represent the beginning of the warm season. The bear fetish lid has two dragonflies and birds on his back. His tail has rain design. Absolutely an amazing little piece I enjoyed creating.”

Dolores is incredibly skilled at being able to incise and carve so many detailed images on a small scale. Every single piece is different, and every single piece is uniquely her own style. What a pleasure to work so closely with such a talented artist, and such a delightful woman.

3 1/4” high by 2 1/8” wide

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