This new miniature lidded jar is hand coiled, carved, and traditionally fired outdoors. Dolores uses all natural clay slips. The red polychrome piece has a smooth, highly polished surface. Dolores’ husband, Alvin Curran (deceased) is the inspiration for these red polychrome painted pieces. The carved San Juan style designs are presented here so beautifully. The amount of time that went into the detailed work on this jar is remarkable. So time consuming, one can see the tremendous precision in her creations. She has used all the special techniques of painting, carving, and incising…in several various tones of red and tan. Dolores explained to me that this jar has a tail feather lid. There are wing feathers and tail feathers flowing around the neck of the jar. An avanyu in motion encompasses the entire diameter of the jar. On the mid-section, below the serpent is a band that represents a belt. The lower quadrant of the jar is highly polished and includes drawings of mountains, bird, dragonflies, and cloud motifs. It is a complex “story executed with such excellence. The exactness and accuracy if at the highest possible skill level. This is a true miniature jar!

With lid: 2 ¾” high by 2 ¼” wide