This is a fantastic new miniature lidded round box by Dolores. It is hand coiled, incised, carved, and traditionally fired. Dolores uses all natural clay slips. The red polychrome is gleaming with the smooth, polished work. Dolores’ husband, Alvin Curran (deceased) is the inspiration for these red polychrome painted pieces. The carved San Juan style designs are presented here so beautifully. The amount of time that went into the detailed work on this box is remarkable. So time consuming, it shows from every angle. Dolores explains, “This box represents the season of Spring, returning dragonflies emerging, decorated baskets filled with seed, a flower, and an avanyu. The lid has lines for planting, with a deep carved step motif on the bottom.” Dolores herself, was shocked that she was able to carve and paint the medallion with the avanyu and have it be smaller than a dime! Dolores says of her work, “What matters is expanding our creation from what our ancestors gave us.”

With Lid: 2 ½” high by 2” wide

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