This new dish is exquisite. Not completely flat like a plate, it has been formed to have some height, so it becomes an actual shallow dish. Dolores hand coiled, carved, painted, and incised with natural pigments and slips. She then fired it outdoors, using the traditional manner. It always amazes me to see what precision and detail work is executed by Dolores. It is truly remarkable work.

Dolores explained to me “The two etched symbols on the inside of the polished area represent birds. The center is a decorated bustle used in various dances with feathers. The Bustle has step, lightning, and mountain designs. In the center is a deep carved flower symbol.” The rim is polished to a smooth surface with more painting, which is Dolores’ rainbow interpretation. The back of the dish has Dolores’ symmetrical tail feathers surrounding her signature. What a delicate and fabulous little dish.

¾” high by 3” wide