This is an absolute first! Dolores was wondering about whether she could create a pitcher and saucer in micro mini size. She wanted to challenge herself, and the result is amazing. This set is hand coiled and traditionally fired. It is red polished and matte polychrome. Believe it or not, it is only 1 inch high. Dolores said that doing it in this miniature size is actually harder than making a larger piece. Here is her explanation of the design work.

“Incised on the plate is the traditional avanyu which represents life and water. In the center is a deep carved embedded feather motif. On the back of the plate are dragonflies finding their way to water. The pitcher has scallops around the rim and top representing clouds, rain, and water. The incised dragonfly who is found around water is in the front with two flower medallions on the sides of the pitcher.” Such remarkable precision, detail, and beauty in this set!

1″ high