I am so excited about this new lidded red polychrome jar from Dolores. We spent a lot of time chatting about the design elements of this jar. I had only seen her incise parrots on one larger jar and asked if we could do one in this size range. She has worked so hard in planning it and completing the work. It was so worth the wait. It is everything I had hoped for. This is Dolores’ description: “I am calling it ‘Respecting the parrot’ It is a red polished, matte, incised jar with 4 parrots resting on branches above them and there are 4 step motifs. A flower medallion and evergreen tree are represented between the parrots as they speak. A vine of flowers is below the parrots. On the polished surface I painted rain drops, trees, step and a bird design. The lid is polished with a matte step design.”

Hand coiled, traditionally fired, all-natural pigments, it is a “gem” As she says, “It’s such a little beauty!! One of my favorites” Mine too!

With lid 3″ high by 1 ¾” wide

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